Local Missions

Here in Anniston, AL, First Christian Church has been called to feed the hungry in our midst.  In collaboration with The Anniston Soup Bowl, we are now serving one meal a month, on the third Sunday, after church.  It may not seem like a lot, but at the moment, it’s the only meal being served at the Soup Bowl on the weekends.  Since we are a little congregation, we know it’s important to make sure that anything we start is sustainable.  So we decided to do one project really well.  We believe that God is blessing us through this ministry, and as our church grows, so will our ability to feed the hungry.  For questions about this amazing ministry, contact us at the church.  We would love to have you join us sometime!


Here are some of our guys, goofing around and serving our guests in the brand-new Soup Bowl facility.

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Partners in crime!


Biscuits galore! Yum!

Regional and Global Missions

Through Global Ministries, The Christian Church in Alabama and North West Florida is in partnership with two ministries in Honduras: Christian Commission for Development, and the Evangelical and Reform Church of Honduras.  We are working with these two groups to develop and implement a plan to create long lasting changes in the lives of the Honduran people.  The goals are set and prioritized by our partners, and we are then using our gifts and talents here in this Region to help them reach those goals.  First Christian Church is extremely involved In this partnership.  Not only does the church support the ministry financially, but the pastor and several members of our church have traveled there to work with our partners in person; and the pastor has been on the Honduras Task-force from its inception 6 years ago.



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(Top) A group of ministers and lay leaders from the Alabama and North West Florida Region, getting ready to leave for Honduras. (Bottom) Some crosses and artwork brought back from Honduras.