Welcome To First Christian Church!


How does one sum up a whole church in one paragraph without sounding insincere or cliché?  Because most churches say that they are loving and welcoming communities of faith, and we say the same thing about ourselves.  And we are more than that.  We are a group of Christians who worship Christ in an atmosphere of unity; where each person comes to the Lord’s Table from different life experiences; where we agree to disagree about all kinds of topics; where politics and other worldly conflicts are left out in the parking lot; and where we strive to answer God’s call into the world to be the kinds of Christians God wants us to be.  And more than anything, we welcome you, in all your perfection and imperfection, to join us!

 More about the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) – http://www.disciples.org/Home/WhoWeAre/OurIdentity/tabid/67/Default.aspx