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First Christian Church will be hosting a book discussion on the book Torn: rescuing the gospel from the gay vs Christian debate, by Justin Lee.  The members of our church who have read this book (me included) have been inspired with hope for the future of the Body of Christ.  We see what this debate has done to the whole church – within congregations and denominations, as well as between the denominations; and we have been feeling called for some time to try and find a way to help the different sides come together.  We would at LEAST like to come to a place of mutual love with the Christians they disagree with; and at BEST finding a way to find common ground on such a contentious issue.  We feel that Satan is using the gay/Christian issue to destroy Christ’s church in the world, and we believe that we can stop his evil destruction.

We know that Wednesday nights are often busy times for congregations.  So, maybe your church would be willing to assign one or two people from your church to come participate in this discussion.  Then, they can bring what they have heard back to your church.


Everyone is welcome!


Pastor Laura Hutchinson

First Christian Church, Anniston

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